Ishinryu Events


The 2018 Ishinryu Open Summer Camp

The 2018 Special Ishinryu Open Summer Camp will be held on Saturday 23rd June and Sunday 24th June at Barking Abbey school.    

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Announcing the March 2018 Pre-Grading Course

The next Pre-Grading Course is scheduled for Sunday 4 March at Barking Abbey School.  Use this form to book your place.  This course is for all students 5th Kyu and above.

Please note that this course is compulsory for all students intending to Grade on Sunday 18th March.

All 5th Kyu and above, including all Dan Grades, are encouraged to attend regardless if Grading or not in order to improve understanding of the Ishinryu Syllabus.   

While of primary interest to Ishinryu, all EKF members are welcome to attend.  


facebook_logo See our Ishinryu Pre-Grading group on Facebook.

Regular Ishinryu Events

Each year Ishinryu clubs get the opportunity to train together at Ishinryu wide courses and events. Other styles are also welcome to attend providing they are English Karate Federation (EKF) members.

The UK annual timetable runs as follows:

  • February or March – One day Pre-grading course for 5th Kyu and above
  • June – Open Summer Camp is a long weekend running from Friday through Monday.
  • October – One Day course.  All grades welcome for a day of intensive training
  • November – One day Pre-grading course for 5th Kyu and above

General gradings are held in March, June and December each year.  You must attend the Summer Camp for the June Grading.