2009 One Day Course photos


The Ishinryu Open One Day Course was held at Barking Abbey School on October 24 2009. The day saw an excellent turn out of students for the two sessions. The morning session saw Sensei Donovan teaching all grades, from beginner to 4th Dan, through basics and combinations with the able assistance of Eddie Gillespie and Greg Francis. The afternoon session saw the group split into a number of classes by grade and taught by top Ishinryu instructors in Kata, kumite and basics. Towards the end of the course all groups came together again for a sparring session.

Sensei took time to recognise the five Ishinryu students who will be representing England at the World Championships in Morrocco next November and announced that all profits from today’s course will be donated towards their expenses. The day ended with a presentation to Sensei in recognition of his recent promotion to 9th Dan.