2010 One Day Course photos


AROUND 100 students packed into Barking Abbey for the Ishinryu annual one-day course and what a day it was.

The atmosphere in the hall was just terrific from start to finish with all the clubs joining together for a great day of karate.

Sensei Donovan got things going in the first session after a warm-up from Sensei Gavin Foster, from East Durham Ishinryu. There was a real buzz in the dojo, with everyone training together under sensei Donovan, before the classes were split into grade, assisted by his senior instructors, sensei Lee Smith, host sensei Jonathan Mottram, and sensei Tony Dean. Sensei Donovan took the black belts through some of the classic fighting combinations and sweeps which have become synonymous with him and Ishinryu.

After a break and warm-up from Woodlane’s sensei Tony Spinks, the Ishinryu and England junior kata team performed in front of the class and showed why they are the nation’s best.The second session then got underway, which saw senseis Gavin Foster and Tony Spinks join the instruction team. The session ended with everyone sparring together, with seniors helping the junior grades and youngsters. No one wanted the session to end and all were disappointed when sensei Donovan called yamae on a great day.

Good luck wishes were given to sensei Mottram and Emma Lucraft who will be representing England at kata at the World Championships in Serbia, with support from sensei Donovan – who will be there as the nation’s head of delegation. There were pictures, hugs and farewells all round a day when Ishinryu students and instructors demonstrated their associations meaning all of one heart.

Pre-grading course next in November. Good luck to all at the general grading on December 4 and roll on Summer Course 2011