2011 Australia Tour photos


From 11-13 March Sensei Tony Hails (Ishinryu Karate Australia) hosted the 15th edition of this tremendous course Down Under. Sensei Ticky Donovan returned for the first time since 2000 and was a tremendous hit. Joining him from Ishinryu in England was Sensei Ian Cole (you will also spot Sensei Wayne Otto returning for his 10th course, a perennial favourite). Instructors came from Australia, England, New Zealand and Fiji and were from Ishinryu, Uechiryu, Shitoryu, Shotokan, Budokan and Goju.

A record 180+ karateka from over a dozen styles enjoyed a fantastic weekend. Training on the beach (that’s a fair dinkum surf beach), shitei and tokui kata, competition and dojo kumite, mass sparring, weapons (nothing like seeing an instructor with nunchakus…), grappling, fun run on the beach, team kata and mixed team kumite (great fun, teams of 5 mixed to include a large adult male down to a tiny pee wee of all different styles).

And not to mention some great team bonding around the BBQ each night…… and impressive backing up at 7.30am the next morning.

It was great to see the “bucketing” tradition return with an upgrade – Sensei Ticky with a firehose. That’s one way to start a fun run.

Two very significant gradings were announced at the course. Sensei Tony Hails, Chief Instructor Ishinryu Karate Australia, now 7th Dan. Sensei Phil Laing, Chief Instructor Ishinryu New Zealand, now 5th Dan.

The selection of images below is courtesy of Ishinryu Karate Australia